Ysical examination may show signs of: damage to the central nervous system, including loss of coordination, loss of muscle control, muscle tremors, loss of thinking and iq, loss of memory, and confusion (delirium or dementia) liver or spleen disorders (including cirrhosis, splenomegaly, and liver necrosis) lab tests may include: complete blood count (cbc) serum ceruloplasmin serum copper serum uric acid urine copper if there are liver problems, lab tests may find: high ast and alt high bilirubin high pt and ptt low albumin other tests may include: 24-hour urine copper test abdominal x-ray abdominal mri ct scan of the abdomen head ct scan head mri liver biopsy the gene that causes wilson's disease has been found. cash price viagra walgreens It is called atp7b. cheapest viagra price Dna testing is available for this gene. Viagra safe low blood pressure Talk to your health care provider or a genetic counselor if you would like to have gene testing performed. viagra generic discount Treatment the goal of treatment is to reduce the amount of copper in the tissues. This is done by a procedure called chelation -- certain medications can bind to copper and help remove it through the kidneys or gut. Treatment must be lifelong. Viagra 20 viagra100 The following medications may be used: penicillamine (cuprimine, depen) binds to copper and leads to increased release of copper in the urine. Trientine (syprine) binds (chelates) the copper and increases its release through the urine. Zinc acetate (galzin) blocks copper from being absorbed in the intestinal tract. Vitamin e supplements may also be used. Dose of viagra for daily use Sometimes, medications that chelate copper (especially penicillamine) can affect the function of the brain and nervous system (neurological function). viagra daily use cost Other medications under investigation may bind copper without affecting neurological function. pfizer viagra movie A low-copper diet may also be recommended. viagra online coupon Foods to avoid include: chocolate dried fruit liver mushrooms nuts shellfish you may want to drink distilled water because most tap water flows through copper pipes. Avoid using copper cooking utensils. buy generic viagra Symptoms may be treated with exercise or physical therapy. generic viagra trusted pharmacy People who are confused or unable to care for themselves may need special protective measures. A liver transplant may be considered in cases where the liver is severely damaged by the disease. buying viagra online Support groups wilson's disease support groups can be found at www. viagra cost per pill walgreens Wilsonsdisease. cheapest viagra to buy Org and www. cheapest viagra pills Geneticalliance. Org. viagra daily use cost Outlook (prognosis) lifelong treatment is needed to control wilson's disease. cheap generic viagra The disorder may cause fatal effects, especially loss of liver function and toxic effects of copper on the nervous system. In cases where the disorder is not fatal, symptoms. cheap generic viagra online viagra online prescription

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