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Health information - med help forums health tools health information experts my medhelp neurology expert forum re: thoracic outlet syndrome post a question << back to forum by francie__0 | jan 01, 1995 0 comments re: thoracic outlet syndrome posted by francie on february 13, 1999 at 14:19:55: in reply to: re: thoracic outlet syndrome posted by ccf neurology w6 md on february 10, 1999 at 20:02:44: my 19 1/2 year old daughter was diagnosed with tos 5 years ago.   after she quit competative swimming her pain in the left shoulder and neck area were seldom if ever. viagra online   after a severe headache last week she has been experiencing pain, tingling, and numbing sensations in her back, neck, and shoulder area (right side this time).   she was in a minor car accident 6 weeks ago. generic viagra canada Is it likely this is a reoccurence of her tos or something unrelated.   i have not been able to get her into any neurologist until the end of feb.   she is allergic to asprin, she has asthma, she has first year college stress and tylenol barely touches her pain she claims.   i thank you for your input.   i have pressed for an earlier appointment if one should be come available.   after her accident she was fine.   so my questions are - is it likely this is tos again and due to the numbing sensations should she rush to er or only if the bone crushing headace reoccurs?   (she said that lasted all day one day last week- her eyelid was droopy)  thanks again.    = hi francie, i may be giving a biased opinion here, because i feel that true neurogenic tos is very rare. Vascular problem can cause similar symptoms and if i may know how was the diagnosis of tos made?? Emg and nerve conduction study is very good in diagnosing true neurogenic tos. I won't dwell on tos because i'm sure you are familiar. So in short, i doubt that the recent symptoms are related to tos, it sounds very non specific. A visit to her neuro is in order. Good luck. = thanks for the input. best site to buy viagra   she was diagnosed with tos once by rehab and once by a vascular surgeon. cheap generic viagra   still waiting to get into a neuro!! cheap viagra online Only one more week to go. generic viagra 150 mg Still was not able to find an earlier appt. cheap viagra tablets for sale   her pain is slight now, just some on and off and spine tingling.   still kind of scarey for mom here. viagra without prescription Thanks for the tip about emg. natural viagra for men watermelon   i'm sure she is in for alot of tes. Home | About Us | Links | Contact | Gallery

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