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My name is Wes Dial and I've been airbrushing since 1985. I've been fascinated by airbrushing since Moby Dick was a minnow, it seems, lol

It all started when I was 9 yrs old and in the 4th grade in Holly Hill, Florida near Daytona Beach. A man named (John Roseboom) that owned, now probably the oldest airbrush shop in the country, maybe even the world, The Shirt Shack in Daytona Beach, came to my school Westside Elementary, and worked a carnival. He was working in a little trailer that couldn't have been more than a 4x4 it seemed. He was painting with 3 neon colors and black, all 1-shot sign enamel, doing names, peace signs, malteeze/iron cross, flowers, you know the ones from the early 60's and 69 symbol.lol Thought I'd throw that in, but true. I knew then in '67 that's what I was going to do one day. I was hooked. Thanks John! Well, I didn't get to start playing around with it until mid 70's when I got a job at one of John's other stores on the beach, The General Store. I watched his youngest son Eddie, who was 4yrs old at the time, airbrush names for 50ยข and I just had to learn some how. So I finally got his dad, John, to teach me a few strokes. He took me over to the main shop, The Shirt Shack, and took me in the back room where they also did screen printing and set me up to practice some airbrush strokes. He had done that for a lot of people before me and probably a lot more afterwards. I ended up leaving the job a few months later but never forgot what John Roseboom showed me that day. Thanks John, I'll never forget you.

I would just like to mention some of the folks who worked there at the time'73/'74 in case they ever get to see this page and remember me. First, hello Betty, John's wife, his son Willy, yeah I know you go by "Doc" and youngest son Eddie. I found you on the internet a few years ago, you run marathon's, kool man.

Some of the others were Reyell Desitell, big Steve, Cathy Hill, Bob and his wife, Tammy Debose, Mike Sapp

I moved out west to Phoenix,AZ in 1976 and got my first airbrush in '77 and messed with it a couple of times but didn't do anything with it or really start learning until 1984. I was in Amarillo, Tx and decided to move back to Florida. That's when I got a taste of the Florida tourist season airbrush style. I got a job in a news stand in Daytona Shores beach-side. Ol Smitty, the owner gave me my fist break. He let me set up and practice and his daughter Carmen, who was a seasoned airbrusher that worked Jacksonville flea market, taught me a bunch of basic tips and tricks to get me started. Then one day a guy named Steve Jamison (deceased) came in and told me of the place he worked down near main Street on A1A, Wild-n-Crazy shirts. I was nervous but went on over there the next day and Mark Grimm, the owner, gave me a job and set me up on the spot. I knew after working one day why they called it Wild-N-Crazy, cause man it was all that and more. Those of you who have worked on the beach in an airbrush shop during Spring Break, know what I'm talking about. In Daytona, it was race week, then bike week, then spring break, then the summer vacation time with the families,etc.

While working in Daytona for a few years, I met and/or worked with other artist, Larry Ward, Armando Escalante, Kipper, Butch, Kelly Adams, big Al, Joe, Maui Mike, Darrell, Joe that sold paint and airbrush supplies on Seabreeze.

I moved to Leesburg, FL in '87 and met and worked with Rodney Nelson,Rene from Puerto Rico, and James Vincks. Then in January '89 at the Market of Marion Flea market near Ocala, FL I met Stan Ausborn who was working the market at the same time a couple of rows over from me. He was hand lettering tags and we both appreciated each others work and hit it off right away. We met and he said he had a store in Panama City Beach, Fl and asked me if I would like to come up and work for the season. I did and ended up working with Stan for about 10 years.

I'm in South Carolina now and working part time for CCP Carolina Custom Painting doing mostly graffix on motorcycles and I have an Ebay store doing t-shirts and car tags. I've learned alot from a lot of people and have a lot to learn. I'm self taught, I guess thats what you call it when you don't have any formal education.

I guess if I have more to write, I'll just keep adding on here on this page. Later, Wes

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